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Thesis 4: Team Up!

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From the series "Search and Rescue d.i.y." by Ruben Neugebauer, colleague of Chris Grodotzki's in the jib collective. Ruben Neugebauer works as a photographer and activist supporting the rescue of refugees.

In a world heavily oversaturated with information, traditional hunter-gatherer journalism has outlived its purpose. 

We don’t need so much more information. But we need people who are able to connect the dots in this overwhelming, fractured informational landscape. 

The Internet, with its nearly infinite multimedia possibilities, could offer a great opportunity for this. But without us questioning our own approaches, ideals and traditions, “multimedia storytelling” will be just another awkward attempt to ride a dead horse.
“New media” needs a new media landscape, one not only based on traditional journalism. 

So let’s think out of the box, team up with programmers, thinkers, activists, social critics, hackers and artists – and make our stories matter again.

Chris Grodotzki is a freelance multimedia journalist and a founding member of the jib collective.

The n-ost Media Conference Translating Worlds yielded five essays on the challenges foreign correspondents are facing today, as well as a series of seven photo-theses concerning modern photojournalistic practice. The complete works are available here:


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