Editorial Coordinator, Deutschland
Christian-Zsolt Varga

Christian-Zsolt Varga is the Editorial Coordinator at n-ost with a focus on cross-border publications. Together with n-ost’s European journalist community, he is building new rails for an integrated and collaborative European media sphere. Currently, he is also the Coordinating Editor of n-ost’ Magazine „Weekly Focus“, a cross-border newsletter, that brings together 5 journalist each week to discuss one European topic that affects or connects all of us. Besides his work at n-ost, he is also writing about politics, society and media freedom in Hungary and Eastern Europe.


Commemoration of Viktoria Marinova the day after her violent death. / Source: KlinKlin.bg

Interview Atanas Tchobanov on Marinova case: “I don’t trust their version”

One month has passed, and the violent death of Bulgarian TV host and journalist Viktoria Marinova has largely disappeared from international headlines. Bulgarian authorities arrested an alleged perpetrator and claimed that it was a random case of sexual assault, unconnected to her journalistic work. But veteran investigative journalist Atanas Tchobanov doesn’t trust their story.

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